HOTEL 120 ROOMS AND 48 APARTMENT IN ZAGREB -  LOCATION-LOCATION-LOCATION On Branimir Street in Zagreb. The location permit (LD) to build a 4**** hotel with 120 bedrooms and 48 apartments is obtained. The site is located in the attractive part of the City of Zagreb's business zone with its own drop off area for the future hotel. The size of the investment is approximately € 13.600.000 and it is a turn-key project.. Conditions determined: - 20 years lease (+ 5 years + 5 years) - decreased rent for the period of the first 2 years due to the brand introduction - from the 3rd year : 120 rooms x € 595 per month, 48 apartments x € 845 per month, 84 parking spaces x € 50 per month - for the current and investment maintenance: from the 1st year of lease 1% (cumulative rate) of the total turnover, and from the 5th year of lease 5% (fixed rate) of the total turnover The owners of the cadastre plot (2032 m2 total size, with maximum overground construction of 7.395 gross building area - BRP) are willing to share the right of construction with a potential co-investor with a fixed monthly or quarterly payment and the defining of all other conditions for the undisturbed construction, introduction and management of the future hotel. The advantages for the selection of a potential co-investor: - world renowned brand of upper category of city based hotels - experience in construction and development of hotel capacities - confirmed OPERATOR (if You have one) - an offer of the price of payment with valid guarantees - other conditions important for the undisturbed working of the hotel according to the standards of the brand involved, for each period of use of the building constructed

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